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 A Snippit about me

Hello Beautifuls,

My name is Kristi Walker, and my journey in this lifetime has been a little less than 'normal and easy.' I believe I am  a  'go with the flow, meh whatever happens, happens,'  kind of person because of the path and life experiences I chose.  My decisions have most certainly snuck up on me a few times, but have brought me to places within myself that I've never known before...but that, I believe, has brought the most value. That being said, however grateful I am for these valuable lessons, as they made me who I am today, I still moaned and cursed the difficulties I faced, until I was able to see the value and blessing in the lesson. I still struggle to pull myself up sometimes, as we all do...and let's be honest, I still struggle to see LOVE in everything, but being able to admit that allows me to be me, accepting my imperfections...and being my authentic self. 

 I believe it was my faith , trust and love in God, and my Angels and my Guides (who have kindly volunteered to hang with me in this lifetime),  that allowed me to continue to move forward, which has ultimately brought me to this place where I can now share my own gifts with others. The knowledge I have gained through my own experiences (basically, what the heck I chose to put myself through), helps me to better understand, empathize, and connect with my clients.  I have done so much searching and learning (in fact, I have more questions now then ever), that I can be confident in helping to guide you towards finding that same light within.

I am able to help guide you in anyway you choose... Intuitive/Psychic/Mediumship Readings, Healing Sessions, Classes, Spiritual guidance

Sometimes it just takes another light on your path, to help yours shine brighter.

Lets walk it together, shall we?