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My scoop on that

...Here's my scoop on​ that!...

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2018

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February 14, 2018

Here's my scoop on that.

Ahhhhh regret, that horrible feeling that lies in the pit of your stomach, and never seems to go away...rears it's ugly head whenever we come across something that reminds us of 'that time.' How often do we think to ourselves I wish I wouldn't have done that, or the other way around?  It all comes down to chose it, and you allowed it. Was it out of fear? Was it because you were comfortable? Was it because it was a part of a belief system that you were taught growing up? What caused you to take the path you did? That my beautiful souls, is the beauty of each path we take. It then turns into an opportunity to go within yourself. TBC

Why is it called 'Kreek's' Korner?

Here's the Scoop on that!

When I was born, my brother couldn't say my name...well, in his mind he could, buttttt apparently it sounded more like kreeky (I wouldn't know, I'm just going by what they tell me ;) ), and some how it stuck! Now, I'm not just talking immediate family calling me Kreek friends, even a few of my teachers growing up chose to use my nickname. It got to the point that I began introducing myself as was either A. avoid the discussion "I thought your name was Kristi" and then have to explain OR  2. Just explain off the get-go that it was my nickname and they may as well just call me Kreek now, because it will  happen anyways.

Anyhoo folks....that's it!'s pretty much my name, and I'm so blessed to have it.